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Our Home was Energy Star Rated - 5 Stars Plus
(Top 1% of the U.S. new construction) by "Show Me Home Energy Solutions", Contact David Rabenau.

This web site is dedicated to "Green" style living in St Louis, Mo.  and everywhere else.

The site was just stood up 10 October 2007 and we will be updating it as necessary with new information. Please come back and see the latest updates to Living Green St. Louis and web sites that have information that you can use to start saving our environment.

Part of this site is for the building of our home and the builders, suppliers, and those that helped to inspire our home design. We will have pictures of the home being built and information of the "Green" technologies that we incorporate into the home and landscaping.

We hope that we can provide you with information that will help you but also help our environment. Part of Living Green is to learn how to recycle products, use energy efficent fictures and appliances, reduce our carbon footprint, reduce reliance on foreign oil and "save money" annually. In doing so we can be better caretakers of our planet and have an environment that will be good for our children and generations to come.

Thanks for visiting, please email us with information that you might have that we can put on our site, and check back often. View Christmas Photo Album